I'm not sure I existed today
2005-05-30 20:47:14 ET

I had the opposite of a nightmare last night, sort of ruined my day.

2005-05-31 13:52:34 ET


2005-05-31 15:08:43 ET

yea, it was just so happy and nice

2005-06-02 20:36:29 ET

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how did it ruin your day?

2005-06-02 20:45:19 ET

well you see I had fallen in love or something in my dream and then I woke up and realized I was happier in my dream than I was going to be all day...it was sad

2005-06-02 21:34:49 ET

oooooo i thought you said you had a nightmare but your day was happy.. oh man thats the worst! love dreams feel so damn good

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