I think I'm hungry
2005-06-30 10:27:57 ET

I awoke the sound of the glass top of my desk breaking and my computer slamming into the wall this morning. That was fun. I have replaced it with a new one that doesnít fit the corner of my room at all. Grumph.

I donít know if this is true for everyone but I cannot feel comfortable for several hours after finding a tick on me. Any little brush of movement I feel becomes fear of finding another one. Gyawd I hate those little things.

Well Iím finally done with my house in Santa Cruz, after 3 days of moving and 3 more of cleaning itís back up to specks and I can only hope we get our deposit back.

Thereís nothing to raise your spirits like a SUV full of girls chasing you down the highway.

2005-06-30 13:21:51 ET

that is NOT something I EVER want to wake up to!

I hate ticks too. They haven't been too bad here for the past couple of years, but about five years ago they were overrunning us!

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