James Burke, stand up and shout, Bad Wolf
2005-07-03 11:37:53 ET

I was told over and over but I didn't believe it until now, connections really are the best way of getting a job, almost the only way of getting a good one.

To add insult to injury, or rather injury to a broken table I split my hand open the other night on the glass of the table that broke the other day. Cut down to the bone, took a piece out of my extensor digiti minimi, that's the tendon that runs down the back of you pinky, had to get about 8 stitches, it really sucks, my right hand is mostly useless now.

I've spent the last few days watching Dr. Who including the new ones that were on earlier this year. They're quite good actually, I was rather impressed by Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, I think Tom baker will always be my favorite though.

For bonus point see if you can figure out the title of this post

2005-07-03 11:41:50 ET

song titles?

2005-07-03 12:06:39 ET

Owwie! How'd the table break in the first place? Hope your finger feels better.

2005-07-03 12:32:55 ET

what job did you get? 8 stritches!! my god! will you take a picture of it?

2005-07-03 23:14:26 ET

stitches are a bummer,
hope your hand gets better quick.
&&&it's true. i just got a job, and the fact that i had a really good connection was really teh only reason i got the job.

2005-07-04 13:09:09 ET

you wanted picture jackie? here you go

ya know, it's up quite a bit in 3 days

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