stoopid fish
2005-07-13 20:41:32 ET

It is difficult to take pictures of Darwin.
This is the best I could get

I think I'll make him a MySpace

2005-07-14 16:32:39 ET

Very....Green..... Kermit

2005-07-15 11:24:44 ET

yea, I haven't fedhim in about a year, he just lives off the algae in the tank

2005-07-16 02:49:08 ET

Then I think you named him appropriately

2005-07-16 12:50:45 ET


2005-07-18 05:32:02 ET

i didnt see the fish at first and thought that tube like thing was an eel growing out of control.

that little fish can live a year? mine die within 2 weeks

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