I need to get out more often
2005-07-29 13:58:00 ET

My cruise:

1) Left at 7-21 8:00 AM from Moss Landing
2) Checked it with M1 mooring and watched retrieval of glider
3) Conducted calibration of Naval Postgraduate School radar
4) Preformed CTD and XBT measurements every 3 Kn
5) Made a time series of 13 CTD measurements (one per hour)
6) Attempted retrieval of ADCP unit and wave monitoring buoy (we couldnít get the ADCP off the seafloor)
7) Completed visibility test with onshore markers
8) tried to fly a kite home (7-23 4:00 PM)

My other work had been data organization and learning to program in Perl

I think Iíve got a new hobby; breaking into peoples houses and setting all their apliences clocks. Nothing pisses me off much more than a VCR that perpetually blinks 12:00.

2005-07-29 16:48:23 ET

dude my buddy Jeff Coronado is a worker at the moss landing yatch club.

Those two towers should siffon store the gas
then transform into a robot ship and swim away.

2005-07-30 05:37:22 ET

was it a cruise?? or work?

what did you do!?'!

2005-07-30 16:22:12 ET

a cruise doesn't have to be for pleasure.
I was launching the CTD overboard, that's a devise that measures temperature and salinity and a bunch of other things and it also collects water samples, we would usually send it down to about 1000 meters. I was also launching weather balloons and generally doing science.

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