Martinis out of plastic cups
2005-08-07 18:28:44 ET

My life the past weeks have been fairly static. I’ve been doing some programming for the navy and going out with friends while they were still in town. This weekend was the last before most of my pals headed of to their schools so naturally we threw a party. It was supposed to be all fancy-like, but most people didn’t really notice. I really had a good time. I dang karaoke for the first time and made a pirate cry in doing so, my rendition of “under pressure” would probably have made Fred and Dave cry too. I did some interpretive dance to my friend’s music

I also ended up switching clothes with Kim for some reason

Hmm…I think I look in good purple.

2005-08-07 21:50:15 ET

FINALLY! after two long years, you post a picture that actually reminds me that i have, in fact, met you.

2005-08-07 21:53:25 ET

what can I say, sometimes all it takes is wearing a purple dress for people to recognize you

2005-08-07 21:54:32 ET

indeed it does. we did meet at taco bell, right?

2005-08-09 11:00:45 ET


2005-08-29 14:31:52 ET

i think itsw eird that you know kim.....
that all I wanted to say

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