$fortune . "in bed" #too much Perl for Jules
2005-08-12 21:14:28 ET

Whenever I log on here I see the little box-o-friends and think it reads

and considering I got a fortune cookie today while at lunch with my boss that read "the time is now to make new friends" I think it apt to finally, after 2 years, add some people to by buddies here.
So tell me, who should I be friends with?

2005-08-13 01:25:47 ET

you should be friends with Sofakingretarded.

2005-08-13 06:16:02 ET

you should add Demoriar.

2005-08-13 13:02:08 ET

SFS is a happening kid.

2005-08-15 04:23:39 ET

Winter is chalk full of goodness, and I alwas enjoy reading/posting to what Chamber has to say.

2005-08-15 12:31:19 ET

*begins advertising her friends*

Andy is awesome.
He is
A) my best friend, thereby awesome.
B) smart as "the dickens".
C) funny when you give him a chance.
D) prettier in pink than yellow.

BE his bud.

2005-08-16 18:04:41 ET

That itsmesosa person is lame. You should totally ban her.

*fake edit*
What would happen if you ban yourself!?

2005-08-16 18:35:27 ET

Why don't you try and find out?

2005-08-16 18:38:28 ET

I'd be scared to, I might not be able to find myself again

2005-08-16 18:39:40 ET

Con some lameass ::cough::SFS::cough:: into doing it. :)

2005-09-01 23:23:53 ET

It's all about HB_produkt and his Magical "Vin Diesel Is" generator.

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