Bludgeoning Pants
2005-09-11 20:19:42 ET

This will my last week in this socially withered town of Monterey. Today I moved all but my clothes across the bay. I think I'm less exited about going back this year than any-other. Maybe it's because this time I'll be leaving friends behind, unlike the past were all my friends had left to school before me. Or maybe it's because when I go back I'll have to start working on my Thesis, or even the Idea that I'll only have one more year left and I really don't feel ready for the real world. Aw, now I'm making myself miss this summer and it's vastly entertaining boredom.

On a less melancholy note we have decided to create a band. This band's music will not be important, in fact we don't care if nobody listens. This band will however direct all of it's creative power into making awesome song titles. So far We are three, Jules - key-tar, Byron - bass, AJ - trumpet. Our fist album is entitled 'Night of a Thousand High-Fives'.

2005-09-11 20:33:16 ET

The name of the song is the first hook

2005-09-11 20:39:29 ET

dude, that's all we got. no line, no sinker.

2005-09-11 20:42:21 ET

hee hee

2005-09-11 21:06:19 ET

can i send you a cd?? i THINK you might like it.. pretty sure. and i have an AWESOME sticker that ive been wanting to send.

and i want to say my sorries early for the incoming freshmen from san diego to sc. just throw them into dumpsters and give them swirlies in red food coloring toliets

2005-09-21 02:51:26 ET

I was present for that night, I'm relativelt sure.

You need a kazoo player. Or triangle. For serious.

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