I loveded you gumball machine, I loveded you!
2005-10-06 14:54:11 ET

This is a picture out my high school yearbook that I love dearly and thought was lost to me forever.

oh my tea shippment came just now which one should I try first?
Herbal Energizer
Rooibos Superior Grade Organic
China Temple of Heaven Gunpowder
Egyptian Chamomile
Spearmint, Broken-leaf
Masala Chai
Black Currant with Currants
Lapsang Souchong Superior
Golden Nepal TGFOP
Green Chai

2005-10-06 15:19:03 ET

(Not familiar with tea, exactly)
But Herbal Energizer sounds like fun!

2005-10-06 15:23:29 ET

Black Currant.

2005-10-06 20:06:04 ET

motard wins, I had the currant, it was nice

2005-10-06 20:27:39 ET

It sounds super delicious.

2005-10-07 12:09:11 ET

where did you steal the gumball machine from?

2005-10-07 12:26:19 ET

I have friends that stole a Frisch's Big Boy. *random*

2005-10-07 15:13:48 ET

what did you do with the gumball machine after a romantic sunset?

2005-10-08 15:02:41 ET

we stole the machine from Monster Video, we took it all around town and took pictures of it, most of them didn't work though.

2005-10-11 08:37:15 ET

ha. that is hilarious

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