For the sake of procrastination
2005-10-19 17:26:47 ET

I have a lab report due this Friday. This means, theoretically, that I will spending all my free time tonight and the next two days writing it. But before I really get into the meaty part of the writing I’d like to take this chance to dawdle a bit and make a post.(I should have started this thing a week ago)

The only fluids I have imbibed in the past week are tea and beer.(I'm not sure why you needed to know that, but you do)

Roommate Cooper brought home a data projector and a 2.5 m wide screen home. Playing Super Smash Bro’s on this has changed my outlook on life. I also used it to infect several more people with the need to watch Firefly (he who dies after getting the most people to watch that show wins).

Not that I do any or all of these things, but out of curiosity how OCD (on a scale of 1 to 10) would you rate these situations?

0) Labels food in the refrigerator according to when it will be eaten.

1) Catalogs and organizing one’s CDs chronologically.

2) Saves the bottle cap of every beer one drinks in a year.

3) Keeps a database of what one wore on each day.

4) Safety pins one’s socks together in the wash so they stay in pairs.

5) Knows the location of every writing implement they own

6) Refuses to drink anything that is not in a “proper” drinking receptacle (i.e.: coffee and tea out of a mug, beer out of a pint glass, whisky out of a jam jar…).

7) When ripping “greatest Hits” CDs one changes the file’s information to show the original album

8) Keeps every school assignment returned to them for years and years

9) Organizes one’s clothes chromologicaly (that is, by color).

2005-10-19 17:51:27 ET

a 10 for every one of those excepting 2 7 and 8. those are normal. maybe a 1-3

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