2005-11-13 16:14:17 ET

After reading my last post I'm sure you're saying to yourself "So you go on this bike ride, now what do you have to show for it?" A reasonably response, to which I give:
Some Pictures of Quasi-Artistic Value!

old brussel sprout leaves apparently turn purple

modern hieroglyphics

interestingly shaped rocks

interestingly shaped rocks giving rise to interestingly shaped puddles

I fell out of my snail shell

obligatory train tracks picture
this one is best viewed full scale
it hurts my eyes

2005-11-13 16:28:32 ET

rusted rail indicates out of use

2005-11-13 16:30:53 ET

nope, trains runs everyday. I should know, they pass by a block away from my house once they get into town

2005-11-13 17:25:19 ET

The interseting shaped puddles is my favorite. Very beaustiful photos all around though

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