Lala la lalala lala laaa!
2005-11-15 22:44:14 ET

I saw Camper Van Beethoven tonight, it was a great show.
The band I'm infatuated with opened, half the reason I went (at least).
I should have been working on my lab report, it's about muon lifetimes (our data is half noise; this makes analysis a bitch).

-just remember the song doesn't end 'till you start singing

2005-11-17 20:44:45 ET

who is the band that you are infatuated with??

you should see animal collective play on monday!
they are coming to LA on tuesday!

2005-11-18 05:23:07 ET

Just go back a few posts, you'll see.
Animal collective eh? what so they sound like?

2005-11-18 12:45:54 ET

my vision of animal collective..hmm

a mix of arcade fire and modest mouse but not really

2005-11-18 13:35:19 ET

Doh, that doesn't help me at all, I have no clue what these other bands sound like.

2005-11-18 21:48:49 ET

really?! i thought you would make fun of me for liking them.. aw but arcade fire is amazing! best performances ive ever seen.. but alas animal collective isnt as good but maybe they are in concert? dont know how modest mouse sounds like? damn i thought santa cruz gave mad props to them .. FAnTASTIC

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