murfle grumple hmph.
2005-12-04 20:39:22 ET

I think I'll finally use this site like many others have and rant about something in my life.
The subject of my rant: House-mate Cooper
My entire household (Cooper, Melissa and Rob, and Jules) just had a talk, well really it was between Melissa and Cooper but we were all there. Melissa and Rob think Cooper should move out, they would be kicking him out if it were up to them. This topic was brought up because of an earlier conversation about Cooperís negligence in paying bills, this ended in Cooper yelling obscenities and storming out of the house. A few moments later we discovered a whole he left in the wall on his way out.
Now this was the final straw, for Cooper, over the course of this quarter, has been a poor person to live with. He has the tendency to, well, throw tantrums when he is upset and quite frankly we didnít feel comfortable around him when this happens. Along with afore mentioned bills, which reached the point of our phone being disconnected, he is the most self-centered person I know. Itís not that heís mean or selfish, it seems more like he just forgets other people exist, even while talking to them.
So now, Rob and Melissa are telling him he has to go. Iím not sure if they had brought up this idea to Cooper before, but I do know that it was stirring in the back of Robís mind for a while now. He has however been told about his displeasantcies. The worst part about it is that he just gets mad or blames something else for anything you confront him with.
Now I donít mind him so much, I donít use the phone, and I can avoid his anger. I can sympathize with not wanting to be kicked out and find a new place to live over the coming break, and I hope he find a way out of this. I have to admit though there would be many people that Iíd rather live with.

2005-12-06 07:07:17 ET

Welp, if this Cooper chap is not paying the bills (regardless of intentions or lack thereof) AND tends to make all uncomfortable with his moods -- then you have every right to ask him to leave! Good luck!

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