I go to Safeway this morning...
2006-01-14 18:15:08 ET

...and no one there even told me I forgot to get dressed!

2006-01-16 02:34:49 ET

I feel like I missed the first half of a joke.

2006-01-16 08:07:25 ET

uh. yeah.

2006-01-16 12:08:49 ET

I left my house without getting dressed and nobody in Safeway said anything to me about it. That's pretty much the entire anecdote.

2006-01-17 15:31:29 ET

Naked? Pajamas? Boxers? Women's lingerie? A story about a possibly embarassing situation needs visuals (LIMITED visuals) to work, Jules.

2006-01-17 18:52:16 ET

blatant pajamas

2006-01-17 19:26:03 ET

Don't people read the subjects? Especially when your sentence begins with an ellipse! Geez.

2006-01-18 16:11:28 ET

I read the subject, but I still felt something was missing.

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