2006-02-16 13:02:21 ET

Ferrofluid is some of the most bizarre and fun stuff.

2006-02-16 13:10:57 ET


2006-02-16 13:39:05 ET

It's a viscous fluid that is effected my magnetic fields. In this picture it's suspended in isopropyl alcohol and is aligning itself with the field of the magnet that I'm holding below it.

2006-02-16 14:19:19 ET

playing with it at the uni. lab or at work?

2006-02-16 14:35:37 ET

None of the above, my housemate got some for a video project.

2006-02-16 14:36:39 ET

A video project with this stuff... I'm intrigued, tell me more.

2006-02-16 14:38:54 ET

I really don't know any more that that. Currently we're trying to make a system of electromagnets to mess with it.

2006-02-17 09:55:11 ET

thats absolutly fantastic.

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