my shelf
2006-02-17 13:02:02 ET

I was cleaning my room and noticed this portion of my book shelf and thought to my self "There is nothing here that is not nerdy in some way."

for explanations of things look at comments.

2006-02-17 13:03:53 ET

1) 'Ohm' necklace
2) JTHM and some other comic books
3) D&D books, even worse it's a DM's guide
4) 'Salmon of doubt' Douglas Adam's half finished book
5) this one's not so bad, just weird Japanese Sci-Fi
6) more of the above
7) 'The Land That Time Forgot' classic pulp science fiction
8) 'Bart Simpson's Guide to Life' I must have read this book like 34 times
9) "a biography of the world's most famous equation'
10) 'The Meaning of Liff' extra words made up by Douglas Adams
11) 'Heir to the Empire' one of the more popular post Star Wars novels
12) More book by DNA
13) a small Mumra figure (from Thunder Cats)
14) a small Baumbart figure ( or 'Treebeard for those of you not in Germany)
15) a small double decker buss toffee tin piggy bank
16) autobiography of all the Monty Python gang
17) 'A Reference Guide to the Future' probably the nerdiest thing on the shelf
18) a book of origami insects
19) a book of various origami animals
20) a book about theories of origami and math
21) a book of unit origami (geometric shapes and whatnot)
22) Jethro Tull sheet music
23) a book of knots and how to work rope
24) a reader form my history of electronics class
25) my high school calculus book (the best I've seen on the subject)

2006-02-17 15:16:04 ET

I have shelves like that too. Not with those specific things, but similar ones. I love it.

2006-02-18 09:10:57 ET

I think probably everyone has a shelf like that.

2006-02-18 10:50:35 ET

I don't have a shelf like that. dork.


2006-02-20 11:41:44 ET

hahah i dont even have a shelf

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