I'll say a word for sickness; she is my favorite mistress, she knows my body like no other can.
2006-03-21 10:03:52 ET

Some of the effects:

My snot is to think to get any of it out of my head.

I have become cold blooded.

My throat feels twice as big on the outside and half as large on the inside.

When I move my head my brain cringes.

2006-03-21 10:20:22 ET

is your snot that bright yellow-green color?

2006-03-21 13:04:45 ET

Dude, that's rough.

2006-03-21 15:43:12 ET

Lots of vitimins, lots of rest. Stay hydrated. Steam also helps. If it continues for longer than a week, see a doctor - due to the fact that it could be bacterial and need antibiotics if it doesn't clear up on it's own in that time.

2006-03-21 18:41:29 ET

yeah I know, but it's my fault for not eating enough grapefruit.

2006-03-21 22:14:54 ET

don't move

2006-03-28 20:47:07 ET

that is definitly a jason webley quote

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