Rum is good at keeping the sick at bay.
2006-03-22 16:26:26 ET

Today I went wayfaring, and let me tell you, I faired me some good ways. After my last final this morning I planned to walk into the woods, get lost, have a cup of tea, and find my way home in an hour or two. I got so carried away after several hours that I thought seriously considered being a troll and living under a bridge as an employment opportunity. I donít think it would have worked out unless I could find myself a real nice bridge. In the long run Iím just happy I found my way home before dark.

2006-03-22 20:37:02 ET

soo cool! did you take pictures or write in a journal of thoughts as you adventured? pocket some leaves? bag some dirt? drink the water? bring someone along for the ride of wandering?

2006-03-23 09:40:37 ET

In Kyoto Japan the hobos I saw had built nice little shanty towns underneath large bridges. One of them had a pair of purple and blue skies lines up next to his shoes outside his little cardboard door.

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