Snikt or Bamf?
2006-04-03 18:20:43 ET

I have just discovered the wonderful combination of 2 month old plain yogurt and jumping cow beer. You should try it, it goes well with leftover ribs.

School starts up tomorrow yet again for the last time, and as usual I need another class to be a full time student.

i have a new bike, it's shiney, it looks like this

2006-04-03 18:28:56 ET

front shocks

2006-04-03 18:32:06 ET

yeah, I have no need for them, but nicer bike without them cost a whole lot more.

2006-04-03 20:47:28 ET


2006-04-03 20:50:55 ET

crashin classes is fun

2006-04-07 05:30:38 ET


2006-04-07 12:25:20 ET

rwvju last modified 3/29/2006 12:39 pm

I have three applications of it running on my computer
when I try end task, I think it starts another one
I can not access my control panel

Please help
and prosecute if possible

2006-04-08 05:27:00 ET

Bamf, definately. Wolverine is so passe.

2006-04-08 07:26:02 ET


2006-04-09 12:59:32 ET

I had to supress the urge to vomit after merely reading that first sentence. Of course, I'm hungover, but that's not the point. You have amazing control over my gag reflex. Congratulations.

2006-04-09 21:09:33 ET

Yes jumping the continuim of space definitively

2006-04-10 16:51:49 ET

Just to let you guy know, the yogurt had not spoiled, it was live and there for just became stronger, more cultured yogurt.

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