I failed again.
2006-05-16 20:46:48 ET

New regiment:
1)If I don't do 8 hours of school work in day then I have wasted the day.
2)I will not to anything other than school work until at least 2/3 of a day's work is done.
3)I will not read more than 1.5 comic books in a day.
4)I will eat more food.

P.S. My new hobby is circle packing.

2006-05-16 21:40:43 ET

how do you pack a circle?

2006-05-16 22:16:21 ET

That's what I was wondering

2006-05-16 22:55:46 ET

This is circle packing:

this one's a crab.

2006-05-17 05:27:34 ET

I wonder if I could actually figure that out if I sat with it long enough...

2006-05-17 23:14:01 ET

how do you do that?

2006-05-18 00:02:02 ET

I dont understand how or why.

2006-05-18 07:35:48 ET

This will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

2006-05-18 17:31:57 ET

You never cease to impress me. O__O

2006-05-23 13:47:20 ET

SHit I totally need to adopt that regiment. I've got a crappo exam in psychophysics friday which I know nothing about and will fail miserably - and instead of busting my ass, I'm dicking off on the intarweb.

And that too, is only because I feel real guilty if I read my new Hellblazer comics I got off Rich Johnston's eBay auction. :O

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