I want to hangout physicists from the late 1800's.
2006-05-25 19:08:08 ET

"Even so you will see that when a drunken man is not leaning against a wall or lamppost, he feels that his only chance of escape from ignominious collapse is get up a decent rate of speed, to obtain a quasi-sobriety of demeanour by rapidity of motion."

2006-05-26 14:11:11 ET

I imagine when I run
when eyes burn white

2006-05-27 09:32:08 ET

what's up with the hats?

2006-05-27 11:15:08 ET

you seem like a seedy character

2006-05-27 14:28:10 ET

Why doesn't a spinning hat tumble like one that isn't spun?

I'm about as seedy as a sunflower.

2006-05-27 15:45:07 ET

Is this why the earth has seasons?

2006-05-27 21:40:33 ET

No, but it's why summer will come in January in 13000 years

2006-05-27 21:44:47 ET

got ya

2006-05-28 05:52:31 ET

Oh, I thought it was aline with "Check out mah phat hat-tossin skillz, yo"

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