I just thought you people might like to know that listen to music.
2006-08-16 18:32:57 ET

The problem is that I listen to so many different artists that a band shows up on the little chart after something like three songs.

ELO just shows up at the top because I just got the album 'Out of the Blue'.

2006-08-16 20:55:36 ET

Stop hating on yourself.

2006-08-16 21:08:36 ET

Was I?

2006-08-16 21:38:16 ET

Why are you distancing yourself from the music you listen to?

2006-08-16 21:58:50 ET

I was just saying that the list isn't a very good example of my actual music selection.

2006-08-16 22:12:31 ET

Ahh, well, color me ass.

2006-08-16 22:41:02 ET

I don't have that crayon

2006-08-16 22:41:36 ET

I was picturing red for some reason.

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