art propigation
2006-11-07 12:53:25 ET

I love fining out about awesome artist through the web, then get I all disappointed because I want to see work in person.

This guy does good art.

Have you found anything good lately?

2006-11-07 12:57:35 ET

Actually, yes!

2006-11-07 13:08:27 ET

<3 thank you for that link i am in love!!!!

this is my latest...

Kazuhiko Nakamura's - Mechanical Mirage

2006-11-08 09:05:04 ET

I've been a bit taken with Kevin Taylor lately. I saw some of his work at Outer Edge (in Monterey) a while back, but I can't seem to find anything of his online. If you get a chance, though, you should at least go check his stuff out at Outer Edge Studio.

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