2006-12-08 13:09:09 ET

I have a beta version of my thesis done. with any luck I will have a degree in Applied Physics by next week-ish.
This means you should go read it and tell me all the things I've done wrong. (the link over on the left)

2006-12-08 13:33:18 ET

I will go read it in a couple of hours, after I've got all this crap cleared off my desk and dealt with.

2006-12-08 13:34:04 ET

Well, it's in applied physics. So, obviously, it's wrong :)

2006-12-08 15:18:49 ET


actually it's all theory, nothing applied.

2006-12-08 16:22:35 ET

oh man, i tried to read it, even though physics makes my head explode, and i just got distracted by the pretty pictures... haha. sorry! :)

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