Physics postponed by humanity.
2006-12-11 19:26:14 ET

I am completely prepared to kick whomever is responsible right in the face. I'm just afraid that it was me, and I don't like getting kicked in the face.

My floppy drive died today. Not that I used it often, it was just nice to know it was there.

2006-12-11 19:35:33 ET

one time i fried my floppy by working on my machine while it was on, who knew that flat cable thingy would get red hot and make sparks when i grounded it to the computer.

2006-12-11 19:49:09 ET

Ya know, if I had to guess what would happened if you were to do that, that would not have been my answer.

2006-12-11 19:49:14 ET

my condolences.

2006-12-11 20:02:03 ET

You should pull an Office Space on it. I've got the rap song.

Death to the communist floppy threat!!

2006-12-11 22:05:05 ET

the machine survived, the floppy flat cable thingy was all sorts of fucked.

2006-12-14 11:09:29 ET

Poor little floppy..

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