When the tortilla chips are stale, make nachos.
2007-05-29 18:09:56 ET

Last weekend I found $60 on the ground with nobody around. On the same day, a third of the way around the world, my brother one-ups me and finds 400 Euro on the ground with nobody around.

And in new from the NASA, a Non-inspirational quote from my boss: "Looks like this is going to be more difficult than I thought, and I thought it would be impossible."

2007-05-29 22:35:01 ET

Dude, tell me where you are at in life.

Nasa? Europe? I can't catch up eiyh tortilla chips

2007-05-30 14:40:14 ET

What about stale cheese?

2007-05-30 16:15:28 ET

Jackie: I'm an intern at the NASA, I look at wires. My brother is in Europe on his way back from India. I found a bag of stale chips in my room and figured nachos would be tastier anyway.

Riki: To quote some cheese-ologist I heard o the radio "Cheese doesn't go bad, it just turns into stronger cheese."

2007-05-31 11:48:50 ET

Frencher cheese.

2007-06-12 20:23:43 ET


2007-06-14 08:24:29 ET

Whoa, how'd you get the intern!?
What do you do for them?

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