2008-08-08 18:18:37 ET

A few days ago I bought a bag of bird seed with the intent of building a bird feeder. I placed some of the feed on my porch railing to try and attract some wildlife to the new food source. Not a single bird showed up until today when I put up a feeder. How ever, they have all only been eating the seed on the rail.

2008-08-08 18:23:21 ET

take away the bird seed from the rail and leave only the bird seed in the feeder?

2008-08-09 09:32:50 ET

thats funny. are you back from mammoth?

2008-08-09 09:44:04 ET

3.-I figure the birds will eat the rail bait and the feeder will be all that left for them.

b.w.-Yes, but I'm heading down to Monterey to house sit for my parents next week.

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