This cat will try to eat you.
2009-08-01 21:12:56 ET

It's really annoying because she's cute and you want to pet her but she just swats and bites at you.

2009-08-02 00:12:55 ET my experience, that usually means she wasn't around people much as a kitten. Thus, as an adult, she's not so friendly. That, or abused.

2009-08-02 07:42:40 ET

She's not really mean or anything, it's more like she is hyper-playful to the point where anything, including a hand, is a toy.

2009-08-02 10:59:33 ET

Ooohh, that's the better kind. Get some mice for her to kill? jk

2009-08-03 07:34:05 ET

Just keep her sedated at all times.

2009-08-15 11:30:21 ET

my cat likes to try to mother me and groom me ... which is all well and good except for that raspy tongue which does not feel good on my forehead or nose.

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