Paarty Piiiictures    2007-03-18 16:50:35 ET
Pictures from Jolie's birthday party!

Birthday cupcakes!!


"Cousin" Donny stripping...almost...

Friends enjoying the cupcakes and jello shots!

Jolie and I

Jolie inspecting her coconut

Somebody killed the Guard Goose

Coffee table beer pong

Jolie and Cassie

Jolie and her attack mew! Duh nuh nuh!

Our friend Kelly showing off her sweet beer pong skills!

So sultry...hahh

How many people does it take to draw one beer?

Sooo hot!

Kelly gave my fiance's buddy a moustache with a silver sharpie hah

 Hey! Hey! Hey!    2007-02-13 18:09:06 ET

Guess what everyone?

I'm engaged! :)

My boyfriend of almost 5 years proposed this past weekend.
He asked me Friday night at his parents' cabin "up north", as us Michiganders call it, then Saturday we spent the day snowboarding (which is how we met) and Sunday we drove the 3-wheeler around the frozen lake and hung out together.

The wedding is next year. I'm pretty pumped.

     2007-01-14 11:33:41 ET
I have about a billion pair of shoes [really about 50 ranging from boots to heels] and of those only 5 have laces.

The 5 pair of casual shoes I wear most often don't lace up either.
I find this odd.
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