2005-11-29 07:43:01 ET

first entry thing here

i have a bme page with the same username

i haven't checked this site out a whole lot, but i'll browse later.

i hate my job, but at least it lets me get on here so it'll keep me occupied. bonus, i suppose.

2005-11-29 07:56:39 ET

Welcome to SK, enjoy the ride. I suggest keeping your arms and feet inside at all times.

2005-11-29 07:58:13 ET

hey, welcome to sk enjoy your stay :)

2005-11-29 07:59:10 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2005-11-29 08:03:53 ET


2005-11-29 09:34:31 ET


2005-11-29 10:58:16 ET

hey! and thanks! :)

2005-11-30 03:48:59 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get in the van. >:O

2005-11-30 08:07:17 ET

bleh i'm always late! welcome lol

2005-12-01 06:57:27 ET

Welcome to SK!

2005-12-01 13:47:04 ET

welcome aboard, and i totally dig the username you picked.

2005-12-06 03:38:12 ET

Be Welcome.

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