jenkins2921cupcakes make me happy

I have short straight hair at the moment, but it changes as I get bored, wich is often.

I love penguins and cupcakes.

I play D&D and love music.
*Metal and Industrial mostly*

I work at a bank.(Actually I work at an apartment complex now)

I have one child and she is my world.

I love my husband.

Went through old pictures this one made me smile. Empty bottle she found. :D



2 years2016-10-03 04:47:15 ET

It's been 2 years. It's strange how life takes over. So much has happened, yet nothing to really note here.

I work at an environmental lab. We test dirt and water.

Sage turns 11 this month.

Baby #2 is due in April.That was a complete and total surprise. I have a blood test in a few hours that will test for chromosomal abnormalities, and it will also tell me the sex of the baby! I'm only 10 weeks so that is amazing to me.

Q and I went through some rough times but we worked it out. This month will mark 12 years of marriage.

We are still in TX but are talking about going back home to IN. My mom owns a little land and we talked about starting a small homested.

Thats all really. Hope everyone is doing well.


life right now2014-02-20 18:44:04 ET

It's pretty amazing. I am working for a company that really takes care of its employees and its customers. The atmosphere is so fun and the product is just as fun. I work at a MINI Cooper dealership, and the GM is amazing, as well as most of the people who work there.

Q and I are comfortably living and are in the process of paying off debts so we can buy a house.

Odin is getting huge. I am not sure if I posted about him before but we got him as a puppy and he turned a year in Nov. He is a Greater Swiss Rottweiler. So a mix between a Swissy and Rotty. :D

That is him this morning watching out the window. He is pretty amazing.

Sage is o the all A honor roll in school and is growing like a weed. She is nearly up to my chin. I'm not tall by any means, but she is only 8! :D

Other than that I really have nothing new to report. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Rainy Monday2013-10-14 12:12:03 ET

No school today so Sage's best friend got to spend the night last night. Its been raining all day so we went to the mall. The girls got their makeup done at Sephora. They loved it and they look so pretty. Gotta love sparkles. :)

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