Halloween2011-11-02 10:45:32 ET

I work at a bank and we go all out for Halloween. This year we were Zombie Tellers. It was fun even though we didn't have a lot of customers.

Sage and I went as zombies too...she was a Zombie Princess.

We had fun but it was not a great Halloween. Something felt a bit off this year. Maybe its just because we are in a new place. Next year there will be 4 of us going Trick Or Treating! <3

This is Zoot2011-11-02 01:00:59 ET

and this is Zoot and Sage. :) <3

I talked to my hubby about getting Zoot, who is a 4 month old Schnoodle(shnauzer, and poodle mix),and after much arguing I won. Fortunately he has fallen in love with the dog so he doesn't hold it against me. We all love her, she is doing fantastic with potty training, and she is the MOST cuddly dog I know. She sleeps with us as night and just snuggle without moving. She likes to chase her tennis balls too wich provides much entertainment for the family.

Guess WHAT!!!2011-11-01 13:29:25 ET


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