Spring2011-04-12 15:14:06 ET

Loving the warmer weather. :)

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Just too perfect2011-03-20 04:11:16 ET

I'm in a very aggitated mood today, and my husband is not helping with it. He knows I get insecure sometimes and feel like I have accomplised nothing, yet he still is always hounding me calling me fat if I make an unhealthy choice in food or stupid if I say something he doesn't agree with. He tells me about how awesome he is and how he is in such great shape that he can eat whatever he wants. He makes healthy choices though and just has a splurge day.
He doesn't motivate me in the right way and just makes me feel like crap like today. I complain about being tired because I work Mon.-Sat. and then still don't get a rest because I have to run my daughter to her activities, and instead of just saying I'm sorry you are worn out he has to tell me to stop complaining. He has to do way more then me and he never gets any time to himself. Well I am sorry that YOU signed up for the military.
I try to tell him my accomplishments like I sold my first car at work today, or I got all my store cards paid off and closed, and instead of being like good job I am proud of you his responsed were cool, and then went back to talking about how awesome he is and how he is doing so great at something which I have heard the past 5 times I have talked to him, and then about the cards, well I have heard that before(in a real shitty tone), when he hasn't. I have never closed my accounts which is what got me into trouble becasue I still had access to them. Now they are really closed, and I can't reopen them. That is a big deal for me and us and he didn't even appreciate it.
I'm tired of being talked down to. Obviously I am not good enough for him. :(

Recovery2011-03-12 15:56:08 ET

Its slow, and Im sick. NOLA really took it out of me. Here are some of my Fav. Shots

I'll post more later of some of the other activities, or you can check em out on flickr.

The next two I took when I was waiting for my friend to wake up. :P
Gotta love self portraits

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