2007-05-13 19:52:19 ET

This is a picture of me and my best friend Bridget....isn't she lovely? She's the one on the left if you couldn't gather that. She made my day great today. She always does though. I absolutely love her to pieces. Any who, I am worried about her. She has been so down lately and she is getting ready to go through a major surgery and I am praying everything goes okay. I don't know what I would do if I lost my Bri Bri. I just don't know how to help her cope. I want to make her feel better but she doesn't think I can relate to her. I may not totally get the whole situation but I am there for her. I guess there isn't much else I can do.

In other news I may be going to Pittsburgh for a couple of days. It will be nice to have a little vacation. My friend is up there and I am going to go stay with him. It all depends on my schedual though. I hope I get to go. I haven't gotten away for a while so I am really looking forward to it.

2007-05-13 20:49:18 ET

What kind of surgery is she having?

2007-05-14 03:30:51 ET

She is having the gastric bypass surgery...there are a ton of risks with it. People have even been known to die from it up to two years after the surgery. :(

2007-05-14 10:06:42 ET

My mom had it about 3 years ago.

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