Hurt and Confused
2007-07-15 13:57:15 ET

SO I lost a friend, and I know its partially because I acted like a complete and total psycho biotch, but I did apologise. And really it wasn't that huge of a thing, at least I didn't think so and even so aren't friends supposed to forgive each other. I was totally thrown out of their life they just never want to see or talk to me ever again. I'm so hurt and confused because everything seemed fine before, and they aren't even giving me a chance to talk with them and fix the problem. They are leaving this week, so I guess they don't see a point to it, but distance doesn't really matter to me. I am one of those people that once you are a friend you are always a friend and I would do just about anything for you. I guess thats pretty dumb on my part, and maybe I just need to grow up.

2007-07-15 17:38:25 ET

Time alone may well do more than you can to fix the thing. If not, could well be for the best as they do not seem to have the loyalty factor the you have perhaps.

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