Started something new.
2007-08-16 07:03:43 ET

I started a slimfast diet. I went online and gave them the specifics, and they made a meal plan just for me!!! YAY and its really easy to stick to and the meals are yummy. Some take a while to make but its not a big deal. I think I am already starting to not be as bloated.

I have a doctors appointment today so I will discuss the diet with him and see if he or she has any suggestions. After that I am going to go get some concert tickets and finish cleaning my house. My friend Laurie gets here in less than a month and shortly after she gets here Quinten comes home!!! Yipppeeeee....any who...

2007-08-16 07:44:22 ET

you dont need to diet.
you look fine

2007-08-16 07:44:28 ET


2007-08-17 14:26:20 ET

Be careful with that slimfast stuff, it's dangerous!

And I agree with ep, you look gorgeous exactly how you are!

2007-08-17 14:41:15 ET

I talked to my doctor about the diet and I took him all the stuff I printed out. He said its fine just stay away from hydroxycut and things like that.

Thank you both though. :) <3

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