2007-08-18 12:42:56 ET

I am so craving green olives right now...I usually don't like them, I can eat them but I prefer black olives. I don't know whats gotten into me. I just had like five garlic stuffed ones. They were soooo yummy. :P

2007-08-18 16:54:46 ET

Spanish olives stuffed with jalapeņos are truly kings amongst olives. Other olives pay taxes to spanish olives stuffed with jalapeņos.

2007-08-18 17:11:23 ET

I haven't seen those at the grocerystore before...I'll look next time. I don't want to mess with tax paying olives...

You know I try to be clever but it never really seems to work. :p

2007-08-18 17:33:38 ET

Sometimes the most clever thing you can do is have some olives. Next time you're at the store, you should pick some up. No matter the cost in dollars or lives.

2007-08-18 17:46:23 ET

Ha...olives are kind of expensive...especially because a jar of them last me maybe a day. I think I am going to have meself some more olives though...good thing I bought 2 jars this time around.

2007-08-18 18:04:44 ET

Well, looks like it's time to delve into the savings account and put the family heirlooms on eBay, 'cause these olives aren't going to wait for you. These are olives with an agenda. Olives on the lam.

2007-08-19 03:57:12 ET

Well I don't have much in the way of family so no family heirlooms. I'll just have to steal someone elses.

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