Push up bra + low cut dress + the right camera angle =
2007-08-18 17:20:37 ET

I know its out of focus, but it still made me laugh. I am so bored tonight....don't know what to do.

2007-08-18 18:44:19 ET

Hahaha, nice picture!

2007-08-18 18:58:59 ET

i like the....
the wall looks nice.

2007-08-19 03:54:59 ET

ib: hehe thanks...see this is what happens when i am completely bored with nothing to do.

ep: The wall is the best part of the picture!!! I'm so glad you liked it. :P

2007-08-19 09:41:18 ET

you could do this part time! LOL

2007-08-19 09:46:32 ET

Haha! I wish.

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