Just found out...
2007-08-21 09:36:02 ET

Once Quinten gets back about a month later his ship is going out again....it makes me so angry. He should get to be here for Sage's 2 birthday, wich is good since he missed her birth and first birthday. He is most likely going to miss our wedding anniversary though. :( We will be married for 3 years October 29th and we have yet to have an anniversary together. We didn't even get a honey moon because he was in A school when we got married. I was with him for 2 days and then didn't see him for a month. Its so frustraiting. That means he'll miss Halloween to wich is our favorite holiday besides Christmas. Uck I know I signed up for this too but it still aggrivates me. Oh well it will be good to finally have him home in a few days.

2007-08-21 10:49:19 ET

my sister and her husband have only had 3 out of 9 anniversary's together due to the military, then their son was born on their anniversary so they lost it to a cute little boy.

2007-08-21 10:57:59 ET

Our daughter was born on the 19th just 10 days before our anniversary. Military life is pretty crazy. Thats why my hubby wants to get out. He feels like he isn't raising his daughter and he wants a chance to do that.

2007-08-21 11:53:28 ET

yeah after watching them, I'm not sure I could hack it.

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