Yep people really SUCK!!
2007-08-25 18:51:46 ET

So this stupid person who was supposedly a good friend thinks that I am fucking( excuse the harsh language) her husband. Yeah no never happened never will happen. I am sorry she is so frickin insecure that she thinks her husband is doing everyone else. Its stupid just like her. Sorry but I am a bit tipsy and she really freakin pissed me off. This will probably be deleted when I am sober but still this is all the truth. I am so sick of people being fake and stabing me in the back. I loved her she was the best friend I had... even better than the ones I had back home because she seemed to give a shit about me but then this happens? WHat the hell am I supposed to do? She won't believe me and she won't believe her husband, and she has her brother believeing her to all becuase the concert got out late and she picked her brother and his girlfriend up early from the show because they had "headaches". Well thats fine if she doesn't trust me and thinks that low of me then so be it our friendship is over and its noones fault but her own.

2007-08-25 19:13:31 ET


2007-08-25 19:24:02 ET

Thanks i really need it. <3

2007-08-25 19:25:06 ET

In that case...


2007-08-25 19:26:35 ET


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