2007-08-30 12:41:10 ET

Sage finally went poo in the toilet!!! She is in big girl underwear and she does really well with telling me she has to go, but this is the first time she has done number 2...hehe. I'm sure it doesn't sound that exciting unless your a mom or dad...but YAY!!!

2007-08-30 13:39:56 ET

my niece has the peepee part down but shes terrified of going poo in the big toilet... has no problems at all with doing it in her little chair so much so she will sing white doing it.

we still cant figure out why.

congrats on the poo by the way.

2007-08-30 14:18:22 ET

Thats really cute that she sings while going potty. I never had Sage sit on the little one, we went straight to the big one.:) THanks by the way! :)

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