This is shity
2007-09-03 09:51:44 ET

So since Quinten and I are bairly going to keep our head above the water when he gets back, we aren't going to have any extra money left over...NONE! So I made this suggestion, the cash we withdraw for groceries and gas, we save. Buy the groceries and gas with our rewards credit card, then immediately go pay it off. That way when we get enough points we can get gift cards for things we want, such as a nice dinner out or for Best Buy for cds and stuff. This is the e-mail I get back.

"I think I should revoke ur credit card privileges all together cuz thr u
go again, already wanting to charge more and shit... u just need to get
ur head out of ur ass so u can see how much u have already shat
everywhere, mainly on me, Sage would be in 2nd for the Shandra shat on
contest, followed by the rest of our family. So, I think until u show
me u can be responsible w/out me around to keep u inline... yeah."

Pretty freakin shitty. Then he has the nerve to get mad at me for getting pissed off at him. I just don't understand. It was just a suggestion, he could have just said no I don't think its a good idea. He didn't have to be so freakin rude.

2007-09-03 12:59:32 ET

What an ASS!!

(sorry, but it's true)


2007-09-04 15:20:05 ET

Heh, yeah I know. He's gotten a lot better than he used to be. I think he just is having a relapse because of being away so long. Its stressful out there and he was taking it out on me. I know its not an excuse and he knows I'm still pissed at him.

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