I'm trying to make things better...
2007-09-05 03:50:14 ET

but I'm about ready to just say fuck it and go home. I know i made a huge mistake but I don't desreve mean and degrading e-mails from my husband becase I haven't gone on WIC. He had asked me if we were on it and I told him no. This is what I get back.

>just that little bit helps, we get eggs and cheese too, cheese is
>expensive and Sage needs to drink more whole milk. Damn it man, why the
>fuck do u just keep trying to fuck things up more? What the fuck?
>!!! I love u A&FNMW!!!

The last part confused me because if you really love someome, then you don't talk to them like this. I already feel bad enough, and he makes me feel useless and stupid and like I'm nothing. I don't know if I can handle it anymore. This was my reply to him.

Ok you are going to stop talking to me like that right now. If you don't you will have no one to come home to becuase I will go home to IN and live with my mom. I don't care how much I freaking piss you off I will NOT tolerate being talked to like that anymore. So if you really do love me AFNMW, then you better fucking realize you are driving me away. Sage is fine I am fine, we are making it and we will make it when you get home but I can't handle this....GET ON WIC U DUMB BITCH! WTF!?! I TOLD U TO DO THAT BEFORE!!!.....any more. I am going to call your mom and my mom and if they think it would be a good idea to go on WIC than i will but I will not be ordered around and talked to like that. I am sending no more e-mail until I get and apology for this email and the last e-mail where you degraded me. I'm DONE Quinten. Done.

He has me so close to just leaving. I'm not saying divorce but if these e-mails are any inclination of how things are going to be when he gets home, I'd rather not deal with it and just go home to IN now.

2007-09-05 04:23:19 ET

I just made my WIC apointment so he better be freaking happy.

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