What do you...
2007-09-13 10:27:40 ET

think about Criss Angel? I have heard a lot of bad things about him. I like to watch his show, but from what I've read a lot of people don't like him and he seems like a jerk? Any one else have comments about him?

2007-09-13 12:53:05 ET

hes a mediocre "illusionist" douche bag that is unjustifiably full of himself.

the only reason he has his own show is because the dorks at a&e consider him "hip" and "edgy".

heh i dont know if youve noticed but i really dont care for him that much at all.

2007-09-13 13:29:23 ET

I don't like his show really, but he's pretty nice to look at. ;) He dated Cameron Diaz I think, right?

2007-09-13 14:06:23 ET

HA who knows who he dated. I don't really care about that. I just think he's hot, and fun to watch. I just hate it when people are jerks and have lots of money. I guess thats half or more of the people in entertainment.

2007-09-13 14:39:56 ET

I heard something about Britney Spears too, but I guess he is just using her to get publicity. UGG...Hollywood drama.

2007-09-13 15:00:26 ET

Yeah, you're right, I don't really care about who he dated either. I dont know why I mentioned it. Thought it was conversation worthy maybe?? lol

Ah well. I might not watch his show, but he is good looking.

2007-09-13 16:33:12 ET

Yeah, sorry if I sounded kinda rude...I just get frustraited with all the drama of who is dating who. I like his show...its fun to watch and see if I can catch how he does it. Sometimes I see it sometimes I don't. :)

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