Concert memories
2007-09-16 05:01:22 ET

So we went to the concert yesterday and spent most of the time at second stage. Its my favorite place to be because you can get right up there close to the band. Thats exactly what we did. We stayed at the bar the entire time. We saw Download, Showdown, All that Remains, Harptallica, and Shadows Fall. We also made friends with security and that pays off because you don't get kicked in the head as much b/c they are looking out for you, and whatever the bands are giving away you get. We got the set list for All that Remains and Shadows Fall as well as guitar picks from Showdown, All that Remains and Shadows Fall. We got autograps from them too, and pictures with them. Laurie got most of the pictures because I stayed and saved our spot up front. Everyone kept getting mad because we always got the stuff. Plus security kept us supplied with free water during the concert. :P We met another person named Charles who we nicknamed Chuckles wich is great b/c he is from the area and I may have someone to hang out with everyonce in a while.

On first stage we saw Papa Roach and Hinder, and they were both really good, but being on the lawn kinda sucked because you are so far away, and no one up there really got into it this year. We were bombarded by drunken boys though trying to get us to go home with them and "party". Yeah wasn't really cool. All in all though it was an amazing experiance.

I love concerts, I love the second stage getting to be up close, getting pushed around by the crowd who is trying to get as close as you, and the noise. Its so cool. You really get noticed by the bands when you stick it out even though you are getting trampled. :) I'm really sunburned. I didn't realise it until we were getting the lead singer of Shadows Fall autograph. He signed the top of my boob...haha. He pointed it out and it hurt when the sharpie scraped against it. It was worth the pain though!! Haha. He also crowed surfed over us and really got the crowed going.

The guy from Showdown had a thing for Laurie. He even gave her the shirt he was wearing during his performance after the show. It was pretty cool. She just walked up to him and asked to buy it and he took it off and handed it to her. How sweet huh? It was such a great day.
Well I suppose thats all for now. I'll post the pictures in the coment area. :)

2007-09-16 05:33:03 ET

Before the concert

When we first got there. We were enjoying the Grant Austin Taylor Band. He's a 12 year old that can play guitar like crazy.

After Download had done their set.

This is the lead singer of Shadows Fall

Lead Singer of Showdown...the one that had a thing for Laurie...

This is Chuckles

Lead singer of All that Remains

Shadows Fall

After the Shadows Fall set and I got my boob

Okay the END!

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