2007-09-16 17:55:05 ET

I know I want to get 3 more....I want to get just below my collar bones pierced and a horizontle anti-eyebrow. I wish I had a money tree. lol I really like the way these look though. Who knows when I will have the money to get them done though.

2007-09-16 20:43:00 ET

i dunno...i think your face is beautiful just as. you've got great skin and complexion, why the piercings?

2007-09-17 03:29:43 ET

I really think they look neat. I love my collar bones and think that the piercing would accentuate them. Same with the anti eyebrow. only with my eye. Thank you though. :)Also maybe if people are looking at my piercings they won't be looking at my fat rolls. :P lol

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