2010-07-26 16:35:54 ET

I cut my hair last night so I have bangs. I go through stages where I have them then I get tired of them grow them out,then get bored and cut them again. This is the I got bored part of the stage.

Also Sage and I played outside for a bit today. I got a couple of cute pics. I'm on some weird color gradient thing to with my editing so thats why they are edited the way they are. :)

Okay this picture is on my MIL Teresa found...its a blast from the past. My hubby and I when we first started dating. We were sophomores. :D

It makes me smile.

I'm bored and lonely. My friend Daniel is coming for a visit, but he doesn't get here until Wed. evening. I have tomorrow off and I don't know what I am going to do with myself. BLAH

2010-07-26 18:02:54 ET

daniel looks like Samm Levine

2010-07-27 03:42:01 ET

I wasn't sure who Samm Levine was, so I looked him up...maybe in this picture Quinten looks a bit like him, but I think its the hair and the face that he is making. :P Other then that they don't look to similar. Quinten is a lot cuter. hehe

That picture is of my hubby Quinten and I when we first started dating our sophomore year of highschool. I think my little thing that says that gets lost in all the pictures. :P

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