2010-08-24 08:50:14 ET

SO I am in one of my moods where I just clean all day. I love it when I get like this because my house looks great.

I just got done cleaning Sage's room. NOT a happy camper. All her clothes were out of the drawers and on the floor...every single toy was out of the toy boxes, and all the books were off her book shelf. I am doing some major laundry now because the cats thought the clothes made a nice bed, and I'm tired of picking up little tiny things like barbie shoes. If I have to clean her room like that again, she won't have so many toys to put away b/c I am going to be making a trip to Goodwill.
I should probably put locks on her drawers too. LOL

Any ways back porch, and Sage's room are done. Only 5 more rooms to go!

2010-08-24 08:56:48 ET

the dreaded Barbie shoes! my daughter likes to leave her Littest Pet Shop toys everywhere.

2010-08-24 08:58:00 ET

I'm sure you've instilled the concept of "putting away your things" to Sage, but if you're having trouble, try rewarding her when she keeps her room neat. It might make your life easier and Sage gets a reward - win/win.

2010-08-24 09:06:04 ET

Yes littlest pet shop toys were everywhere too.

She is usually very good at picking up her toys. The last couple of times she shoved everything under the bunkbeds though. I have never seen her room so messy. It must just be the age. I try not to do the reward thing to much because I don't want her to expect it for everything she does. Plus if I ask her to do something then she should listen even if she doesn't get a reward. :) I do praise her and tell her thank you. She also gets to choose 3 toys to leave out and play with. Its a good suggestion but I don't feel its the right thing for me to use. Thank you though.

2010-08-24 09:06:38 ET

mine now stores everything in our spare bedroom. she knows i rarely go in there >_____< Cori is having issues with the "you can only have ___ many toys out" rule. i am seriously thinking about giving away a lot of it to Goodwill (like you said). less toys = (hopefully) less of a mess

2010-08-24 09:08:55 ET

haha they get smart about "cleaning" don't they?

2010-08-24 09:10:50 ET

hahah yes! i go and praise her about her room and then her dad found the spare mattress covered in LPS toys. i ended up taking them away for a day. she's getting better about it but there's always a day where there's just stuff everywhere.

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