See if this works...
2010-08-25 15:32:07 ET

It didn't.

I'm really bored. I think I may call it an extra early night tonight. I really want to talk to a certain friend, but he seems kind of unreachable at the moment. I just hope everything is okay. I have pictures to post but I don't feel like posting them at the moment.

I fell down the stairs this morning(haha funny I know) but it hurt! : P
My right hip is bruised really bad and the back of my legs hurt. Hopefully it will feel better in the morning instead of feeling worse.

2010-08-25 15:39:51 ET


depends on what you wanted in this entry....maybe not?

2010-08-25 15:46:26 ET

I wanted to post pictures but I reached my upload limit on flikr, and I don't like messing with photobucket, so I was seeing if I could post them from deviantart. Nope...:P

2010-08-25 15:50:16 ET

you should be able to right click and "view image" and then using BBC code you can copy and paste the link from that....

click the "help" button from the post entry or edit entry screen and it can help you..

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