Made it
2011-07-11 17:16:13 ET

to Kansas. I like it here.

2011-07-11 17:25:59 ET

nice pictures!

where in Kansas are you?

2011-07-11 18:01:14 ET

That middle picture is AWESOME!

2011-07-11 18:27:05 ET

Where at in Kansas??

2011-07-12 06:52:54 ET

Junction City my husband got stationed at Ft. Riley. :)

2011-07-12 06:53:41 ET

thanks by the way...I took those all with my iphone. lol I really do love my phone. :)

2011-07-14 02:45:27 ET

now that you've said that, i think i've asked you that before XP what's Junction City like? i feel like i should have been there before.

2011-07-14 11:48:57 ET

I lived in Wichita.

I think the camp I went to my senior year for technology or whatever was near Junction City.

2011-07-17 09:24:51 ET

Junction City is really close to Milford Lake. Its a lot like my home town. Not really much of anything except Walmart. Lots of stuff to do outdoors though. I love that. :)

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